2016-2018         AKV St. Joost, Master Fine Art, Den Bosch (NL)                                   
2014-2015         UvA, Minor Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Amsterdam (NL)                                                                                                                                
2003-2007         Royal Academy of Fine Art, Bachelor of Fine Art, specialisation: 3D, The Hague (NL)                                                                                        

2018                  'What do we dance for?'/Gallery Nectar, Georgia (GE)
2017                  Culture night/Electron, Breda (NL)
2016                  ' Shih Shih Wu Ai’/Gallery Wolfart, Rotterdam (NL)
2015                  ‘A very Beautiful Golden Orange’/Gallery 2b. Leipzig (DE)
2015                  ‘Oenso’ (in cooperation with Iede Reckman)/Uchinokoto, CBK, Amsterdam (NL)
2014                  ‘Oenso’/Uchinokoto, 3331 Arts Chiyoda/Akiba Tamabi, Tokyo (JP)
2013                  ‘The Horizon of Gravity Hill’/CCA Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow (UK)
2013                   'Draping'/ Route Du Nord/Rotterdam Noord, Rotterdam (NL)
2013                   'Your Field Or Mine?'/WASPS factory, Glasgow (UK)
2012                   'New Age Track'(duo show with Roosmarijn Mascini)/Openmakers, Aalmarkt, Leiden (NL)
2012                   'Kunstmarkt' Museumnacht/Chabot Museum, Rotterdam (NL)
2012                   'Wish you were here'/Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL)
2011                   'Display Avenue' (duo show with Roosmarijn Mascini)/Scheltema Complex, Leiden (NL)
2011                   'Cornea'/DEK22, Rotterdam (NL)
2011                   'Display Matinee'/Scheltema Complex, Leiden (NL)
2011                   'Bottom Rock'(in cooperation with Iede Reckman & Machteld Solinger & Roosmarijn Mascnini)/Stichting      Ruimtevaart, The Hague (NL)
2011                   '11 Kunstenaars in 2011'/Stichting Klein Haarlem, Haarlem  (NL)
2010                   'Work in a space'/Cube Gallery, Meetfactory, Prague (CZ)
2010                   'Kunstkijk'/Goeree Overflakkee, Dirksland (NL)
2009                   'Bouvard et Pécuchet'/Light House Cinema, Dublin (IE)
2009                   'Route du Nord'/Platfrom Ras, Rotterdam (NL)
2009                   'Violent Femmes'/Brinkmanpassage, Haarlem (NL)
2008                   'Grön'/Konsthall, Hällefors (SW)
2008                    Baracca, The Hague (NL)

2015                  14/09-05/09 Pràm, Prague (CZ)
2014                  19/07-07/09 Uchinokoto, Akiba Tamabi, Tokyo (JP)
2011                  14/10-28/11 Scheltema Complex, Leiden (NL)
2010                  15/07-15/10 Meetfactory, Prague (CZ)
2008                  22/09-19/10 Europeanartists.tv, Hällefors, (SW)

2015                  Contribution, for Uchinokoto, Stadsdeel Oost, Amsterdam (NL)
2015                  Contribution, for Uchinokoto, AFK Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Amsterdam (NL)
2014                  Contribution workbudget, for Uchinokoto, Embassy of the Kingdom Netherlands, Tokyo (JP)
2013                  Contribution workbudget, for The Horizon of gravity Hill, CCA, Glasgow (GB)
2011                  Contribution workbudget, for Display Avenue, Stichting Doen, Cultuurfonds Leiden (NL)
2010                  Contribution, for residency Meetfactory, Embassy of the Kingdom Netherlands, Prague (CZ)
2010                  Contribution workbudget, for Bouvard et Pécuchet,  Fonds BKVB Amsterdam (NL)